The path of a scientist generates tons of data that sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve; even when the data is analyzed, it frequently gets put in a static graph that limits the depth of the story that it can tell. This repository holds a workflowr-powered website that presents data I either sourced or generated in my work in an interactive fashion. The goal is to provide a behind-the-scene look at the data analysis involved in science, and make all of my data more accessible to all audiences.

The Data in Motion:

The Relationship between Body Size and Lifespan:

In this section, we parse through the AnAge database of animals and their lifespans to explore the correlation between body size and maximum lifespan.

More Info:

Brought to you using: - dplyr - Used to analyze the data. - ggplot2 - Used to design the graphs. - plotly - Creates the interactive layer on the ggplot2 graphs. - workflowr - Provides the front-end to this website.

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